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Our Commitment



All of Sammy's cartridges are made with all-natural cannabis oil and terpenes native to a specific strain of cannabis. This provide patients with a convenient, portable and discreet way to enjoy their favorite strain from their favorite growers. It also keeps the flavor profile and effect nature intended.

Hand-Chosen Cannabis

Sammy hand selects the finest cannabis flower cultivated by Rhode Island's best growers to extract for his oil. He is always on the hunt for the best raw material around. 

Hand-Crafted, Small Batches

Sammy takes his craft very seriously. His meticulous, small batch extraction process skips no steps. He is always listening to and learning from the plant and treating her with the utmost kindness and delicacy throughout the extraction process.  

Full Spectrum Oil

Sammy's cartridges are made with full spectrum cannabis oil; an extract rich with cannabinoids, terpenes and botanical compounds naturally occurring in the raw cannabis plant. When consumed together, this mixture creates enhanced, synergistic effect often referred to as the "entourage effect". Offering superior effects and a more robust, well-rounded experience, full spectrum oil is Sammy's only choice for his products. 

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Get the Merch

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