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Sammy G’s is a homage to the founder of Warwick, Samuel Gorton. An early settler of Rhode Island, Sammy G faced heavy persecution throughout his life for his opinions on freedom of religion and thought and support of women's rights.

The Puritans of Massachusetts arrested him and put him on trial for his views, where he narrowly escaped death by hanging. Upon his release, he returned to England and secured an order of protection from the Earl of Warwick. He returned to America, empowered by this new protection and founded Warwick, gaining widespread acceptance and popularity as a leader and intellectual despite his earlier trouble with authority figures.

Sammy G’s story is no different than the journey of the cannabis plant in our times: disliked by authorities and heavily persecuted for decades, put on trial in the court of public opinion with death being the punishment, followed by widespread acceptance and celebration upon its release from captivity. Sammy's product intends to capture the independent and celebratory spirit associated with both Sammy G and the cannabis plant.

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