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About Aquidneck Harvest Company

Aquidneck Harvest Company is a family owned and operated licensed medical cannabis processing facility located in Rhode Island. Our company takes great pride in learning about our market's medical cannabis patients and creating the highest quality infused products to fit their demands. We take our love of cannabis to work every day 

Aquidneck Harvest Company is my family company organized in 2017 for the purposes of pursuing my life long dream of entering the legal cannabis market in my home state of Rhode Island and sharing my passion for the cannabis plant with others.  

- Tim Ryan, President & CEO

Our Services


AHC uses a carbon dioxide process to convert cannabinoids into high quality crude oil. Through winterization, this crude oil becomes full spectrum oil.


After extraction, Aquidneck Harvest Company infuses the full spectrum oil into consumables, creating properly dosed, state-compliant goods such as edibles, distillates and topical products. 


AHC packaging and labeling solutions for their cannabis products that are both high quality and state-compliant. Aquidneck Harvest Company is able to package a variety of large-scale cannabis products into retail-ready packaging.

Want to learn more?

Contact us with questions or inquiries.

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