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March 5, 2020

"The final version of new medical marijuana regulations by Gov. Gina Raimondo’s administration keeps in place a lottery system and geographic zones for issuing new marijuana dispensary licenses, but reverses course on an effort to limit how many patients a home-growing caregiver can help."


January 31, 2020

"Rhode Island’s governor is pitching an unconventional recreational marijuana legalization plan centered on state-owned stores operated by private contractors, which would offer modest business opportunities for cannabis entrepreneurs." 

Rhode Island Governor’s Budget Includes Legal Marijuana Sales In State-Run Stores

January 16, 2020

“This legalization takes the form of a state-control model, similar to how liquor sales are regulated in New Hampshire and over a dozen states,” the budget states. “This regulatory approach will allow the state to control distribution, prevent youth consumption, and protect public health.”